"The essay is a genre in itself – one that lies between art and science. It is joined to science in how the essay form strives towards knowledge and how it engenders the making of statements, and to art by its mode of knowledge and expression. Unlike the scientist, the essayist's subject is not one of knowledge itself but an experienced reality, and by the essayist confronting themselves via this subject, they also represent themselves. Unlike the artist, the essayist does not make their subject, they find it: their art is the art of thinking."

Keiko Hamazaki, Essay al sein alternativer Diskurs, Tokyo 1998

Daidalos longs for profundity

For essays on architecture, art and culture, Daidalos wants to offer the space that has been lost in established journals. As a free and critical form of writing, essays on Daidalos should seek to link knowledge across disciplines and bring individual perspectives into both existing and new discourses.

Daidalos is a resonant space

for cultural content of all kinds, as well as for its authors. The supposedly trivial and the anachronistic are given a readership alongside urgent contemporary issues.

Daidalos respects authorship

recognising the essay as the creative achievement of the author, through whom the form and content of the essay are unified. Daidalos therefore aims to present original texts in an unadulterated and authentic manner without excessive editorial intervention or restrictive character counts.

Daidalos serves you at good intervals

A focus on publishing one piece at a time encourages the reader to engage with its content. Through the moderate frequency of publication, Daidalos deliberately takes its essays out of the prevailing flood of information in your everyday life.

Daidalos follows in footsteps

left by a magazine that served its readership with high-quality essays and architectural criticism between 1981 and 2000. The motivation for the digital revival of Daidalos is to stimulate the production as well as the reception of such essays and to reconcile them with the changed habits of today's readership.

Daidalos remains open

The essay as a free format for individual positions should provoke reaction. Daidalos invites authors from all cultural disciplines to come forward with proposals.

Daidalos is non-profit

As an association, Daidalos acts without any claim to profit. Sponsorships are passed on to the authors in order to honor their work appropriately. Daidalos is grateful for any support.

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