Article 24/06
6/27/2024Daniela Spiegel

The Monument of Dorian Gray

In order to preserve them in the long term, the icons of modernity must be demystified, because eternal life does not necessarily mean eternal youth. read
Dorian Gray
Article 24/05
5/29/2024Giacomo Pala

Do Blue Roses Wilt?

On the 100th anniversary of Andre Breton's Manifesto of Surrealism, Giacomo Pala wonders whether its Blue Roses have wilted or whether yesterdays avant-garde is today's vernacular. read
Do Blue Roses Wilt?
Article 24/04
4/25/2024Tibor Joanelly

Follow the Ladder!

Kazuo Shinohara's Urban Turn transforms his buildings into urban landscapes in which the effects of space and time blend with movement and perception. read
Follow the Ladder! II
Article 24/03
3/22/2024Tibor Joanelly

Follow the Ladder!

In his reflections on Kazuo Shinohara, Tibor Joanelly alongside Paul Cézanne also encounters the Third Person in the Japanese master's work. read
Follow the Ladder! I
Article 24/02
2/23/2024Dieter Geissbühler

Predictable Decline

Behind the façade of the Mall of Switzerland, Dieter Geissbühler glimpses the aesthetics of the ruin. However, this is suffocated by the designs irrelevance. read
Predictable Decline
Article 24/01
1/18/2024Ana Catarina Silva

Housing. Not flats

Architect Philipp Esch spoke to Ana Catarina Silva about undetermined spaces, architecture as a process and beauty as the most enduring measure of sustainability. read
Housing. Not flats
Article 23/11
12/14/2023Jorge Melguizo


Once the most dangerous city in the world, Medellín became a model for urban change. Its architecture is the image of what is even more important. read
Article 23/10
10/27/2023Salvatore Dellaria

The Southgate Myth

Built and demolished within less than thirty years, Stirling's Southgate Estate stands for what it was planned for and against which it had to fail: Britain's neoliberalism. read
The Southgate Myth
Article 23/09
9/26/2023Randa A. Mahmoud

Lost in Gourna

Hassan Fathy was brilliant and visionary, but an early project was strongly rejected by its residents. Randa A. Mahmoud studied Gourna to get behind the paradox of Egypt's Great Architect. read
Lost in Gourna
Article 23/08
8/29/2023Grisi Ganzer

Pandora's Boxes

Grisi Ganzer’s report on the collaboration on the German Pavilion for the Venice Architecture Biennale features his impressions and experiences building a bar counter for the Pandora Culture Centre. read
Pandora's Boxes
Article 23/07
7/27/2023Bart Lootsma


Text-based AI generates realistic images of diffuse origin. Imperfect and open-ended, they irritate our aesthetic sensibilities and change the entire visual culture. read
Article 23/06
6/28/2023Denis Andernach

Andernach's Houses

Free of constraints, Denis Andernach draws his houses as pure architectures in abandoned landscapes. He unites elementary forms with imagined purposes. read
Andernach's Houses
Article 23/05
5/24/2023Pedro Gadanho

Learning from Hippie Modernism

An environmental avant-garde grew out of the resistance against the post-war society of the late 1960s. While their efforts were derided as esoteric, time has come to learn from their approaches. read
Hippie Modernism
Article 23/04
4/27/2023Giacomo Pala

Pineapple Modernity

The intersection of globalization and modernity: the pineapple and the emergence of a new architectural paradigm since the 18th century. read
Pineapple Modernity
Article 23/03
3/29/2023Claudia Kromrei

Case come noi

An island, three writers and three houses in which they lived, loved and worked. In Capri's idyll, the buildings unfold the personality of their builders and stage their self-absorption. read
Case come noi
Article 23/02
2/23/2023Bahar Avanoğlu


Separating "unbuilt" architecture from the one "not built", Raimund Abraham's oeuvre is a vital reminder of architecture as a work of memory and desire and as an independent art of building the [Un]built. read
Article 23/01
1/18/2023Wolfgang Bachmann

New Land

An excursion into an unknown area: In his travelogue about Lusatia, Wolfgang Bachmann speaks of official GDR stage scenery,, West German-influenced reappraisal – and Baroque splendour. read
New Land
Article 22/07
11/23/2022Bettina Köhler

Liebe du Arsch!*

Can one discard buildings? Can one overcome ignorance and greed? Does love help? Bettina Köhler’s answer to these questions is “yes” in her investigation of beauty as the custodian of durability. read
Liebe du Arsch!*
Article 22/06

Fala meets Siza

Fala and Álvaro Siza are bound by origins but separated by age. In a personal encounter, the 89-year-old Pritzker Prize winner talks about that which is still reflected in Fala's own work today. read
Fala meets Siza
Article 22/05
9/22/2022Anna Beeke

Trailer Treasures

Within mobile home parks, Anna Beeke encounters a clear desire for individualized place. In her photographs she shows how prefabricated units are the same, but different. read
Trailer Treasures
Article 22/04
8/20/2022Mario Rinke

Open Meta-landscapes

Mario Rinke pleads for supporting structures that are not conceived for a use, but out of the place. In these meta-landscapes, architectures can occur episodically. read
Open Meta-landscapes
Article 22/03
7/1/2022Virginia de Diego

Reductio ad absurdum

Through deliberate destruction a former bunker can be preserved. Its relevance is created out ouf its absurdity. read
Reductio ad absurdum
Article 22/02
7/1/2022Jerome BeckerMatthias Moroder

The balance of chaos and structure

In conversation with Jerome Becker and Matthias Moroder, Marc Leschelier emphasises his aversion to functionalism and stresses the importance of architecture as a form of expression. read
Chaos and Structure
Article 22/01
7/1/2022Gerrit Confurius
Teatro di Marcello, Rom, Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778), ca. 1757

Permanence as a principle

Gerrit Confurius recalls the end of the printed edition of Daidalos and recommends the principle of permanence as a strategy for the future tasks of architecture as well. read
Permanence as a principle
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